I believe that software development lies on the  intersection of engineering and craftsmanship. I strive to always  improve my craft and deliver top quality products to my clients.


Communication is essential for the success of any project. Being  tasked with developing software is not just simply programming. I always  make sure to understand the business goals of the project, so that I  can work with the client to design a product that will likely achieve  those goals while also being feasible and within budget.

I prefer to work with small deliverables, so that I can get constant  feedback from the client, thus making sure that the project meets the  client's expectations and the client is at ease knowing exactly at what  stage the project currently is.


Whenever I am writing code, I make sure that not only the finished  product looks good and works well but the code is also clear, concise  and maintainable. To achieve this, I like to practice BDD.  Using the BDD approach for my projects not only ensures the correctness  of my code and avoids side-effects introduced by new changes, but also  helps me avoid being blocked whenever I need to wait for another  developer to write an API method, or wait for any other kind of third  party dependency.

I also enforce a coding style that is automatically validated to help keep things always consistent.


Usually my clients handle me designs and whatever backend API the app  will communicate with. However, when the client doesn't yet have either one of the above, I can tap into my network of trusted developers and  designers to produce whatever is missing.

I am lucky to have a vast network of colleagues from my 9 years of  software development: developers, designers, information architects,  copywriters and digital marketers.


I am available for both short and long term projects. Depending on  the size and/or complexity, we can work on an hourly rate or a fixed  rate per milestone. If you want to discuss things further, please don't  hesitate and shoot me an e-mail.


With over 10 years of professional programming experience (and much more as  an amateur), I had the opportunity to work with several technologies in  several projects on various roles. I've worked on startups, consultancy  agencies and as a freelancer.

I first developed for iOS on 2011 when things were quite different  from what they are today. Since then I have worked on all kinds of apps  and contributed to some open source frameworks. From June 2014 to May  2017 I was a Senior iOS Developer at Hole19 where I developed an app that was used by 700k+ users, rated 4+ stars  on the app store and consistently featured by Apple. At Hole19 I was  using Swift since the language was first released, had the opportunity  to be amongst the first developers in the world to develop for the Apple  Watch (our app was already on the store when the Watch was released).

Before working for Hole19, I worked at Inspira, a software consultancy agency, where I mostly did Python backends and a few mobile apps.

I am also the creator of Duomov, an app that enables two iOS devices  to record a synchronised dual perspective (split-screen) video by  establishing a peer-to-peer WiFi connection between the devices (no  Internet connection is required). The app is currently available in:  English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese  (Portugal) and Spanish.